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YES, Lafreniere Park May Build This Al Copeland Statue

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A brilliantly tacky statue of legendary Popeye's founder/Christmas light fanatic Al Copeland, who passed away in 2008, may be heading to Metairie's Lafreniere Park. The Times-Pic's Drew Broach reports that the Copeland family is currently negotiating with Jefferson Parish, and The Parish Council is supposed to vote tomorrow, May 1, on an agreement letting them pay to "build a performance stage... along with an 'arched entryway' and a paved and brick walkway leading to the Al Copeland Memorial Statue," which... prepare yourself for the sheer beauty... could look something like so:

The initial proposal was for a pedestal supporting a life-sized statue of the flamboyant businessman holding a box of Popeye's fried chicken and a checkered racing flag, a speedboat at his feet, all set amid columns.

Naturally, the park's Advisory Board has suggested a more "subtle" memorial, a labyrinth (to which Al Jr. was like erm, hells no) and now a stage, but it looks like the statue may also be erected due to its sheer beauty the wording in the actual agreement of the trust.

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[Illustration: Bayou Buzz]

Lafreniere Park

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