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Alon Shaya is Eating His Way Through Hong Kong

Domenica chef Alon Shaya is in Hong Kong, eating bird's nest, getting Andrew Zimmern's approval of his menu choices, and spreading his food porn all over the Twitter and Instagram universe. The James Beard Award finalist might just be in Hong Kong for the Sotheby's elBulli wine auction that took place earlier today? if so, WOW? but whatever the reason, here's an unabashed list of everything Shaya has eaten and posted online so far.

· brisket in broth
· 100 year old egg and pork congee
· birds nest
· questionable pig-dog, 'gold coins' and soy sauce noodles
· dumplings
· more dumplings
· sesame, peanut, and bitter melon noodles
· dim sum at 4 am

· @AlonShaya [Twitter]
· All Moveable Tweets [-ENOLA-]


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