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Dickie Brennan Doesn't Want You to Eat at Tableau Yet

Photo: flickr/Paul Broussard

The much-anticipated French Quarter restaurant Tableau is currently having their soft opening, but owner Dickie Brennan tells Doug MacCash of the Times-Pic he's not quite ready for people to eat at the restaurant this week. Or next week. But maybe the week after. Says Brennan:

I just hope that all the New Orleanians that love this theater and are so curious about what we're doing, will maybe want to give us a couple of weeks, instead of coming down here right away... You know, it's awkward to say we're open, when we're just trying to let this new child take baby steps.

And take care of the stinky didies full of shiz that papa don't like ie. they're still working their systems out, y'all. Which is fine, except the newly opened two-story restaurant attached to Le Petit Theatre? a renovation project that cost so much money, Brennan won't even divulge how much he and his partners spent? is in the French Quarter overlooking Jackson Square, in one of the most heavily traversed areas in the city, during one of the busiest times of year. The chances of folks staying away are slim. MacCash even suspects an "army of hungry tourists" could descend upon Tableau during Jazz Fest, the thought of which Brennan describes as "scary."

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