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Jazz Fest's New Ambrosia Tea, Cooking Demos, More

FAIR GROUNDS? Susan Langenhennig reports that Sunshine Concessions, run John Edelen and Ben Childs, steeps about 12,000 gallons of iced tea on site at Jazz Fest every year. This year, the duo is replacing the Mandarin Orange tea with a new Ambrosia flavor infused with apricot, black currant, mango, rose hips, orange peel, cinnamon and gooseberry. Dang. []

FAIR GROUNDS? Ian McNulty and the Gambit listicle makers report on "Five Sleeper Food Picks" at Jazz Fest. Two sleepers making the cut are DiMartino's roast beef po' boy and Ms. Linda's baked mac and cheese. [Gambit]

FAIR GROUNDS? For those trying to roll into Jazz Fest with coolers, take note: This year they are cracking down... only 12 pack or smaller soft coolers are allowed, though you can bring ice and sealed bottle water bottle.

FAIR GROUNDS? The Gambit also lists all the cooking demos at Jazz Fest, which btw, is awesome for finding free food and air conditioning. [Gambit,]

Fess Time [Photo: Facebook]