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Where Do You Find the Best Fries in New Orleans?

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 Sylvain's fries and champers
Sylvain's fries and champers
Photo: Josh Brasted

It's Fry Day here at Burger Week 2013, so Eater is asking all our dearest readers to speak the potato gospel: What restaurant, bar, pop-up, or food truck makes the best fries in New Orleans, and why are their fries so dang good?

Since Eater understands everyone has their own favorite spud-style? from Pomme Frites to tater tot? entries that come smothered in cheese, 'tacho' tastiness, or other extreme toppings will not be denied. All things fried-tater apply, so no onion rings or baked potatoes, please. Bonus points for including any specialty condiments.

Tell us your favorite fries in New Orleans and Eater will do the mapping. Hit the comments, send us a tip, and have a great weekend.

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