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A Look at Charcoal's Gourmet Burger Bar

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Ladies and gentlemen, it wouldn't be a true Eater Burger Week without a peek into the newest burger hotspot in New Orleans. This is Charcoal's Gourmet Burger Bar, on Magazine and Jackson, directly on the cusp of the Lower Garden District and Irish Channel. It took six years of planning for proprieters Blaine Prestenbach and Craig Walker to get 'er done (you may recall there was formerly no building in that lot), but the 6,000 square foot, two level gourmet burger bar has been open for a coule months, and by the looks of Eater's Best Burger in New Orleans polls, has quite a few fans.

The burger bar hascounter service downstairs and table-service and a full bar upstairs. There's a wrap around balcony and sinker-cypress tables actually made by Prestenbach. Pretty impressive. Burger options can border on the obscene if you want them too.. ie. bison, antelope, elk, salmon. etc.

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