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Prytania Bar's Free Brunch, Booze Hearings Postponed

NOLA? Quarterfinal Rounds 1& 2 of New Orleans' Best Burger Poll are now closed. Cowbell, GB's, Company Burger and Charcoal's are heading toward the Semis. Voting is still open for Quarterfinal Rounds 3 and Round 4. [-ENOLA-]

UPTOWN? Wow, the Prytania Bar does a free brunch at noon every Sunday? Yes, the do. "We've done breakfast tacos, biscuits and gravy, and shrimp and grits," owner Peter Syverson tells Katie Walenter of the Gambit this week. [Gambit]

UPTOWN? Robert Morris reports that the city has set aside the alcohol/public nuisance case against The Uptowner, and also postponed boozy cases for moratorium-struck Jimmy's Music Club and Grit's until May. [UptownMessenger]

Prytania Bar [Photo: Facebook ]