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Fanatics Have Tried Really Hard to Duplicate Bud's Smoked Sauce Since 2008

The smoked sauce at Bud's Broiler may not be a well-guarded trade secret, exactly, but it's delicious and everyone adores it, which is why that amateur sauce chemists have been trying to duplicate its smoky/twangy/spicy flavor in their own kitchens. If mimicry really is the highest form of flattery, then the sauceologists and burger builders at Bud's should be proud?there are a whole lot of imitators looking for and giving out tips on making homemade smoked sauce.

This Bud's thread from 2008 on Tiger Droppings makes it pretty clear that Bud's is one of the preeminent burger joints in the Southeast. Not only that, but the people have agreed that the New Orleans editions of Bud's have that grungy, grimey ambiance that makes drunkenly ordering cheese fries late at night seem less like the transgression of a diet and more like an act of civil disobedience. Rock on, burger fans.

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