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Voting Starts Now For The Best Burger in New Orleans

Photo: Cowbell/Facebook

It's the Burger Barn, Gilbert! Okay, it's not the Burger Barn, but it is time to get cray cray with the burger love, y'all. Yes, Eater now presents the first ever Burger Wars poll. Here's how it works... Today and tomorrow, four quarterfinal rounds of eight burger-powerhouses will be presented for voting. The top two of each round will move onto the semifinals on Wednesday.

By Thursday, burger-hungry fanatics will be able to vote for the Best Burger in New Orleans. So have at it. Up for Best Burger in round one of the quarterfinals are Cowbell, Katie's, Coquette, The Beach Corner, Barcadia, La Petite Grocery, GB's, and Camellia Grill. Who makes the best burger?

Poll results