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Central City Love, PJ's Freebies in the Quarter, More

CENTRAL CITY? This week Uptown Messenger columnist/Warehouse Grille'sCraig Giesecke writes, "I try to take the time every few weeks to drive down Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard and, every time, my restauranteur's eye sees a goldmine. Café Reconcile has already been redone, the Food and Beverage Museum is coming along and there is simply so much open and potentially available space along a wide and reasonably well-maintained boulevard." [UptownMessenger]

QUARTER? PJ's Coffee has a brand new location on Jackson Square, and the coffee shop is having their grand opening/ribbon cutting and free coffee on April 17th from 9 to 11 a.m. at The Historic Jackson Square Pontalba Apartments building (630 Chartres). [Eaterwire]

QUARTER? The Times-Pic has a bunch of rainy day pictures from yesterday's start to the French Quarter Fest. []

Café Reconcile [Photo: Facebook]