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Pinch A Palooza, Robert Will Return to Marigny, More

BUCKTOWN?The Times-Pic's Chris Waddington reports that Deanie's Seafood is hosting Pinch-A-Palooza,a free street party on Sunday, April 21, noon to 8 p.m. at the restaurant's original location, 1713 Lake Ave. in Metairie. There will be boiled crawfish, and other specialities like crawfish nachos/cornbread for purchase, as well as beer/cocktails/soda. []

MARIGNY? After a lengthy court battle over who is responsible for cleaning up the shuttered-grocery store building on St. Claude and Elysian Fields, NoDef reports that the property has finally been handed over to Robert Fresh Market, who intend to "make renovations and bring the store back online, but Robert estimates it will be a year before construction can begin." [NOLADefender]

UPTOWN? Robert Morris reports that , "after the Broadway Bar was robbed last weekend by a man wielding a sawed-off shotgun, investigators have arrested an alleged accomplice who was out of prison early on a 30-year sentence for a previous armed robbery charge." [UptownMessenger]

Deanie's in Bucktown [Photo: Facebook]