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Chris Lynch Takes Over at Cafe Atchafalaya

Well known chef Chris Lynch is taking over the kitchen at Cafe Atchafalaya, Ian Mcnulty reports this week, replacing Baruch Rabasa who left around the beginning of 2013 for personal reasons. Coincidentally, both Lynch and Rabasa are former chefs of the strange and ill-fated Meson 923. Per Mcnulty:

Lynch was the first executive chef at Meson 923, while Rabasa was then his sous chef. Lynch departed less than a year after Meson 923's debut in 2010, after which Rabasa took his position..

Rabasa left Meson 923 for Atchafalaya at the end of 2011. Meanwhile, Lynch has been running the kitchen at the Jimmy J's Café, yes, "N'awlins Funkiest Lil Cafe," since he left Meson 923, which seems sort of strange considering he held the top position at Emeril's right after Katrina. At Atchafalaya, Lynch should be able show his chops for both the finer and funkier side of New Orleans dining, which seems to be the vibe at the casually upscale neighborhood joint.

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Cafe Atchafalaya

901 Louisiana Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70115 504 891 9626