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Woman Steals 30 Eggs from Twelve Mile Limit

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[All Photos: Twelve Mile Limit/Facebook]

Here's a young woman in a strapless Britney Spears type dress sucking down the rest of her tall cold drank and stealing thirty eggs from Mid-City cocktail and barbecue dive Twelve Mile Limit on St. Patrick's Day. According to the Nola Defender, "the incident occurred at approximately 12:30am on March 17, and it was captured on the business' video surveillance system."

Twelve Mile Limit owner/libations whiz kid T. Cole Newton tells the Facebooks that the St. Paddy's egg thief "passed them over the fence on the patio to an accomplice. Apparently you need two people to successfully steal $3 worth of eggs," and "also, both cue balls are missing. Coincidence?" Well, it was the most obnoxiously drunken day of the year (besides Santacon) anyways. Newton tells NoDef that "We turn around and sell those at a buck a pop, so 30 eggs is $30 in value depending on the state of the eggs." No charges have been pressed at this time, but Twelve Mile Limit regulars have been expressing their disgust and confusion over the Egg Thief all over the Facebook.

· WHAT?! She'd better be making omelets for the homeless.
· Eggcelent detective work!
· I was hoping to see Edie from Pink Flamingos plotting with the Egg Man extolling the virtues of "the thin shelled ovum of the domestic fowl" but pretty good. I think you should try and get it on 6 on Your Side or those awesome arrest bulletins at the counters at Brothers for $1.
· We have to find out who this is and lure her back into the bar. If only to point and laugh... ok, ESPECIALLY to point and laugh!!
· Egg raid on mojo
· Who steals eggs?! I don't want to live on this planet any more.
· that's a bit eggstreme.
· That's a hard-boiled criminal right there.

If you know anything about the drunkypants lady in the Britney Spears fashion club who stole thirty eggs from Twelve Mile Limit on St. Patrick's Day, leave a comment or send us a tip.

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