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Charcoal's Opening Soon; Parade Boozing and Dining

LGD? Charcoal's, the swanky 6,000 square foot/two story gourmet burger bar on Jackson and Magazine, is finally set to open on Valentine's Day after six years of planning, reports Susan Langenhennig. Burgers include OMGWTF options like bison, venison, antelope, elk, salmon, shrimp, and a red bean veggie patty, and everyone gets a new excuse to scream It's the burger barn bar, Gilbert! while attempting to find nearby parking. []

MID CITY? If you're not busy guarding your precious Endymion spot, the Bud's Broiler on City Park Ave is opening tomorrow, Saturday February 9, as the Gambit reminds everyone today. That's good post-parade drunkypants food, y'all. [Gambit]

NOLA? Where to find craft beer in cans for all your parade watching needs, courtesy of booze whisperer Todd A. Price. []

UPTOWN? "Langenstein's has teamed up with The Occasional Wife (504-261-8782) to offer grocery and catering home delivery during Mardi Gras, so the dips, salads, and sandwiches can easily be at hand," reports No Def's Jennifer Abbot, along with other parade food ideas. [NolaDefender]

Charcoal's Gourmet Burger Bar [Photo: Facebook]