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Millions Owed, A Look at Doyle's Growing Legal Troubles

The Huey's Saga continues this week, and it appears the story of Doyle International is now heading into Dog the Bounty Hunter territory. Get the taser ready, Duane Lee, because Civil District Court Judge Ethel Julien has ordered Jason Doyle's arrest after he failed to show up a second time for "judgment debtor exams following a default judgment of almost $350,000," reports Ben Meyers of City Business, which in yat speak means ya screwed, dawlin:

CBD Construction Services claims Doyle's businesses failed to pay for work performed at a short-lived Huey's project at Jax Brewery and a never-opened Crepe Nanou restaurant at the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge.

Doyle hasn't been arrested, which is apparently unlikely unless he attracts police attention by running a red light or driving his Geo Metro into the Wyndham Gardens. There's no record of him in lock up at this time, which is where he would still be by court order, until this Friday, when another debtor exam comes up, followed by yet another hearing (a new rent claim against Doyle's Press It Bistro). Somehow the folks at City Business managed to chat with the elusive Doyle, who busts out his best Lindsey Lohan/"what incarceration" oopsie sorries. In fact, there are so many charges being filed again Doyle at this point, that without further adieu, Eater presents the ever-growing Huey's Saga Litigation List, complete with Jason Doyle commentary.

· Default judgment of almost $350,000, for CBD Construction Services work performed at the Jax Brewery Huey's 24/7 and a never-opened Crepe Nanou at Mall of Louisiana, Baton Rouge. Doyle claims he was unaware of the exam or the incarceration order, saying "My attorney is probably taking care of that one" perhaps while his attorney is traveling abroad.

· Star Hospitality Group is attempting to boot the newest incarnation of Huey's 24/7 Diner from the Wyndham Garden Inn at 201 Baronne Street. Doyle says, "The hotel is happy to have us there. We had a phenomenal week with the Super Bowl. We are not going anywhere."

· Rent claim/Eviction petition filed last week by Kingfish Development, looking to oust Press It Bistro from the Exchange Centre. They claim Doyle's ownership entity failed to fulfill an electricity agreement, pay for trash and keep agreed upon hours. Doyle says "the bistro has complied with all lease terms" and he expects a favorable ruling. The hearing on Friday morning is just two hours after the judgment debtor exam for the CBD Construction Services.

· A pending criminal case in Lincoln County, North Carolina. From City Business: "A state grand jury indicted Doyle in 2010 for writing a worthless check to a construction company in the amount of $34,759.29." Doyle says the case has been expunged. Pam Richards, an assistant clerk of court, says, "I've got the case pending in my file cabinet. We wouldn't have a file on it (if it were expunged)."

· A judge in Hamilton County, Ohio, has entered a judgment for $1.6 million for failure to pay rent. Developers claim Doyle accepted advancements for renovations without performing them. Doyle refutes any portrayal 'that we took the money and ran.'

· Same deal in Buncombe County, North Carolina, with $2.5 million judgment against Doyle. "In all of the cases that follow that same tenor, we did perform," Doyle says. "While the locations didn't open, we in some cases started construction and in other cases developed construction documents."

· Doyle says he had personally guaranteed failed franchisee leases in many of these cases. "Several millions of dollars were owed to us," he says. "We ended up having to take the fall for a lot of it."

Further Notable Shadiness

· The mysterious shuttering of Huey's on Veterans before Thanksgiving 2012
· Huey's, Wine Loft, and La Crepe Nanou pull out of a Minnesota retail center in 2011 for unknown reasons more than a year after announcing plans to open.
· Huey's and La Crepe Nanou pull out of a Phoenix location in August 2011, following the footsteps of a sibling establishment, BrewPublic Craft House.

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