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Was Super Bowl a Bust?; LRA Not Food Trucks' BFF

NOLA? From the world of boozy distribution, Southern Eagle has "a purchase agreement in place" to buy Glazer's beer portfolio, reports Todd A. Price. []

FRENCH QUARTER? Michael Regua, executive chef of Antoine's, tells the Advocate that their business was slow compared to previous Super Bowls. "I'm not going to say it was disappointing. But we geared up to do more, and it seems everyone got to the city on Friday," Regua said. "We hoped to have the whole week." [Advocate]

CBD? NOLA's Food Trucks took to City Council today (as did some of their opponents) to urge the city to update its outdated food truckin' laws. What does the Louisiana Restaraunt Association think about food trucks?

Taceux Loceaux at da Pin. [Photo: Facebook]