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More Details Emerge About Dickie Brennan's Tableau

If you haven't watched the extremely riveting mildly interesting video that Doug McCash of the Times-Pic has posted of a tour through upcoming Dickie Brennan megarestaurant Tableau, here is the low down....

Basically, the video is of media people clomping through a construction zone, but we do learn a few things: First, The restaurant will have the floor plan of a Spanish manor, in honor of the building's history. "Openness" is the name of the game with huge windows and doors, and lots of natural light pouring into the rooms. "We really wanna be able to open the doors as much as we can," Brennan says.

The kitchen will also be open, so it's like the chefs are "performing" for diners, in honor of Le Petit theater... "Dining has become theater," Brennan says. He wouldn't reveal how much has been spent on Tableau so far, only that he's at the point where he doesn't want to know anymore. He confirms that they're aiming for a soft opening in early April, as Eater reported on Monday. To watch the entire video click here.

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