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Al Fresceaux Joins The Underground Dining Scene

NolaVie's Brian R. Friedman takes a look at a new roaming dinner club, Al Fresceaux, this week. The club was founded by Erin Meyer with an emphasis on showcasing awesome local chefs and farm-to-table dining. And while Eater knows, dearest reader, that you probably want to gag a little at thought of another farm-to-table dining descriptor, this moveable feast does sound rather intriguing and looks pretty fancypants for a city that continues to grow a variety of underground dining options, enough so that we're even seeing a little dinner club competition.... Dinner Lab is another successful supper club right now, and food truck rounder uppers My House state on their website that they want to start offering "Private Chef Events, an in-home meal prepared by a gourmet chef."

Al Fresceaux is described by Myers as so: "Every month we have a different chef in a different location with a different concept, and we invite 25 to 35 people per dinner, depending on the space." The dinners are offered seasonally, from September to April. This past weekend local chef Jacqueline Blanchard prepared a seafood dinner, which included this mind-blower: a "snapper, buratta, and pierre part caviar" dish.

Al Fresceaux also features wines selected by Rosenberg Wine Consulting, paired with the meals, which are usually six courses. The next dinner is set for Sunday, March 23. More info at their website.

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