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Press It Bistro Gets 48 Hours to Leave Exchange Centre

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Photo: Exchange Centre/Official Website

Jason Doyle's neverending Huey's Saga seems to get chicken-shittier day by day, and as of yesterday, the Press It Bistro has been ordered by Judge Paula Brown to vacate the New Orleans Exchange Centre within 48 hours due mainly to their outstanding utility bills, reports Ben Myers of City Business. The judge might have given them more time to vacate the premises, but Doyle's fireball of a lawyer, Roderick Patrick, appeared to make things worse:

Roderick Patrick insisted that Press It Bistro would stay put at 935 Gravier St. until law enforcement forced the issue. Voluntary eviction would weaken his client's standing on appeal, Patrick said, and Brown wasted no time in setting the 48-hour deadline once he finished speaking.

Apparently, Kingfish Development already evicted the Doyle Group from the corporate 19th floor of their Exchange Center last fall. Doyle also faces a potential eviction from the Wyndham Gardens, even though the Huey's 24/7 is still up and running there at this time. His other local eatery, New Orleans' Famous Beignets and Coffee has been open at Jax Brewery for about four months, seemingly without any charges.

Doyle's mounting legal troubles include millions owed in several states, a criminal indictment in North Carolina, and a number of smaller claims:

· NOLA Restaurant Supply and Design's recent lawsuit against Doyle and his landlord, DMK Group Three over Jax Brewery location claims Doyle owes about $28,000 for restaurant equipment beginning in September 2011, some of which has since "been removed."

· CBD Construction claims Doyle owes more than $350,000, including $98K for renovations of Huey's 24/7 Diner in the Jax Brewery location from 2011, and over $250K for a Crepe Nanou that never opened in the Mall of Louisiana, Baton Rouge.

· On December 11, Doyle ordered to pay a $2.5 million judgment rendered three years ago in California

· Doyle faces judgment of $1.6 million in Ohio

· $2.5 million judgment in North Carolina

· Indicted in North Carolina in 2010 for felony worthless check writing.

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Press It Bistro

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