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Reviews for Restaurant R'evolution, Las Carnitas, More

 Restaurant R'evolution
Restaurant R'evolution
Photo: Nikki Mayeux

Rene Louapre walks into a restaurant and gets the worst seat in the house, again. No joke, while the Blackened Out blogger is throwing in the review-towel soon, it's obvious he's going to get in a few more rants, and in this case, a R'ant before next month. Yes, a bad seat at Folse and Tramonto's Restaurant R'evolution leads only to worser things this week: bumbling service..."A 12:30 reservation got its first drinks at 1:10 pm. Next time, I'll bring in a flask..." stale bread, a greasy and bland turtle soup, a "a martini glass of scrambled eggs topped with a baby spoon of caviar" upwards of $80, and "what appeared to be the people in charge" lurking around the "POS machines and idly chattering." Eek.

Though Louapre praises the peanut butter ice cream and the "death by gumbo was delicious, with a rich thick emulsified stock draped around a partially boned and stuffed quail," his trip to Restaurant R'evolution leaves much to be desired: "I left unclear as to what the vision at R'evolution even is... Until they figure out what they are, I'll complain as best one can, by going somewhere else." [BlackenedOut]

Ian McNulty finds inspired and exciting Peruvian dishes at Kenner's Las Carnitas this week. Though the restaurant is in a stripmall, has odd hours (no dinner Fri/closed on Sat), no booze is allowed, waitresses speak only Spanish, and the majority of dishes are Honduran and Nicaraguan...

what makes Las Carnitas worth a visit are Peruvian standards like causa rellena, a sculpted cylinder of whipped, golden potatoes striped with a seam of chicken salad and avocado; or lomo saltado, a Chinese/Spanish stir fry with steak, red peppers and a dark, salty gravy wetting down a pile of fries.

McNulty also swears by the "chicha morada, an off-the-menu beverage made from purple corn, cinnamon and clove that looks and tastes like nonalcoholic sangria." Sounds like a trip to Kenner is in order, brah. [Gambit]

T-Fitz calls Mikimoto the home of delicious 'Asian tapas' this week, bestowing FOUR WHOLE STARS on the Mid City sushi joint with a drive-thru. Says Tommy Boy, "the hot dishes from the kitchen, particularly the appetizers, are so good that I alternate them with sushi, course by course. This is particularly pleasant in this chilly time of year." His only room for improvement? "Now that it's legal to have sidewalk tables, how about a few of those to ease the crush?" Because nothing says magical dining experience like warding off crackheads and inhaling car fumes on N. Carrollton, all while eating raw fish. +2 for hipness. [CityBus, sub req]

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