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Dim Sum at the Joint, Leah Chase Tribute, Skillet Truck

BYWATER? This Sunday, February 24, pop up Dim Sum and Then Some returns to the Joint. 6 to 11 p.m. Cash only. [Facebook]

METAIRIE? The Macy's in Lakeside Mall will honor New Orleans chef Leah Chase as part of their Black History Month celebration this Saturday, February 23, at 1 p.m. The event will be held on the second floor near the parking entrance, and includes "remarks by Leah Chase, a tribute to her from Xavier Preparatory School and music by the Franklin Avenue Baptist Church male gospel group, Just Praise," reports Judy Walker. []

UPTOWN? There's a new food truck in town, reports No Def this week: "If you've been hanging around Le Bon Temps Roule (4801 Magazine St.) the past couple of weekends, you have inevitably seen Skillet." Owners Jason Vowell and Wylie Whitesides are serving up an ecclectic menu from vegetarian green curry fried rice to boudin burgers. [NOLADefender]

The Joint [Photo: Nikki Mayeux]

The Joint

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