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'Piddling Chicken Shit' From the Mouth of Doyle's Lawyer

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By now you've probably heard that the owners of the Exchange Centre, Kingfish Development, want to evict the Press It Bistro from their property at 935 Gravier Street for reasons including failure to maintain insurance, not paying the electric bill (and never stocking the bagels & biscuits, yo). The hearing in the lawsuit involving the two parties was supposed to happen last Friday, but has now been rescheduled for Tuesday, February 19 due to the judge's personal emergency.

In true Huey's Saga fashion though, all of the attorneys had a "tense conversation" on Friday, reports City Business, and Press it Bistro's attorney managed to bark the words "chicken shit" at his counterparts and admit he's never "checked the books" on what he considers to be a "profitable business." The owner of Press It Bistro, Jason Doyle, currently faces multiple seven-figure judgments across the country, including felony charges in North Carolina for worthless check writing, and two potential local evictions, including this one.

Doyle's lawyer Roderick Patrick has now filed a response to Kingfish's eviction petition including "20 grievances to support its contention that Kingfish was looking for a reason to evict. These allegations include refusal to fix bathroom plumbing, destruction of advertising and hiding the bistro's trash cans." In fact, Patrick is so riled up, here are five things he actually had the nerve to say to the Kingfish attorneys on Friday.

1.) Patrick claims Kingfish has devised a "master plan to unlawfully take lessee's profitable business."

2.) Patrick tells Kingish attorneys, "My plan and intent is to get past this speed bump and sue the crap out of your clients."

3.) Patrick calls allegations against Press It Bistro/Jason Doyle "chicken shit" and "piddling."

4.) Patrick's proposes that Kingfish could buy out Press It, or consent to allow Doyle to sell the business to a third party, or "we slug it out in court." Kingfish attorneys quick to agree to third option.

5.) After Kingfish attorney notes that Press It Bistro's lights were off as of Tuesday, February 5, stating "If it's not in use, why does he [Doyle] want to retain the property?" Patrick responds, "I think it's a profitable business. I don't know, I don't check his books."

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Press It Bistro [Photo: Yelp/Ron B.]

Press It Bistro

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