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Vacherie Open on Mardi Gras; New Belgium Coming Soon

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QUARTER? Spirits on Bourbon "Home of the Resurrection"? the bar that was formerly known as Turtle Bay, before it got a huge remake courtesy of Bar Rescue (as seen on last night's episode on Spike TV)? posted the picture to the right on their Facebook Saturday. Eek. [, Facebook]

QUARTER? Vacherie (827 Toulouse) will have a full breakfast menu available in their dining room from 7am-11am. Also starting in their cafe around 11 a.m., a selection of "Cajun street food" like gumbo, po boys and smoked sausage will be available for $6 or less. [Eaterwire]

NOLA? Todd A. Price also reports that "New Belgium, the well-regarded Colorado brewery, announced it will enter the Louisiana market on April 1." Go crazy, beer nerds. []

Eater wishes you, dearest readers, a very happy Lundi Gras.

[Photo: Facebook]