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Nano! Nano! More on Upcoming Courtyard Brewery

The Courtyard Brewery is set to open in the Lower Garden District by Spring 2014, and NoDef takes an in-depth look at brewery founders Scott Wood and wife Lindsay Hellwig's plans (and also their lovey-dovey backstory). The duo have been serious home brewers for the past two years, since Wood relocated here from San Diego, garnering approval from local beer scenesters for their brews, including NOLA Brewing's Kirk Coco who encouraged open a nano-brewery.

Now their upcoming nano-brewery, in a warehouse at 1020 Erato (also shared with French Truck Coffee), awaits a conditional-use permit approval from city council, so that they can basically "sell beers others than their own in the taproom." The duo plan to have 6-8 rotating drafts of their own and 3-4 guest drafts.

Per reporter Sam Nelson:

Wood and Hellwig will brew new beers weekly with a three barrel, 140 gallon brewing system. Wood plans to brew between 93 and 150 barrels the first year and rotate new drafts based on demand. The idea of their nano-brewery and taproom is intimate and direct; small-batch beers will be sold and consumed on site with the people that make them. Customers' responses will be a large factor in what they brew next.

Also, Hellwig is all game for getting more women involved in the local craft beer scene: "I think for one thing we're just behind the times on the trend in Louisiana. I think once women get a taste for more good beer, move beyond the gateway [Belgian ales] like I did, there'll start to be more of us out there." And obviously, they've already devised a great janitorial system via adorable child labor.

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