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Where Are The Best 'Show-Off' Restaurants To Bring Guests?

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 Commander's Palace, the showboat of showboats
Commander's Palace, the showboat of showboats
Photo: Nikki Mayeux

The holidays have arrived, and with them comes lots of visitors. Some will be here for weeks— leave, belligerent second cousin, just take the nog and go— and some may only be here for a few days, or maybe only a night. That being said, Eater wants to know what you, dearest readers, consider the best restaurants to bring out of town guests? We're talking show-offs, as in totally over-the-top showboats. Restaurants that exemplify a dining experience you can't find outside of New Orleans, whether they serve a nine-course tasting menu in a legendary dining room, small plates in an overgrown courtyard, or a po' boy washed down by a Barq's at a bar. Tell us the best show-off restaurants in New Orleans for holiday guests.

Bonus points for restaurants that cater to large parties, screaming toddlers, and memaws with special diets. Leave your thoughts in the comments, or hit the tipline. The results, as always, will be mapped.

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