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Ivy Gets Two Shout Outs in One Day

Sue Zemanick's new restaurant Ivy is already gathering a pretty vocal fan base, of which's Todd A. Price and Haute Plates blogger Robert Peyton are giddy members.

At the end of an anecdote about his recent (and largely failed) effort to speak publicly about healthy eating, Peyton tossed in some non sequitur praise for Zemanick's new Magazine St. venture, asserting that his recent trip there "was freaking awesome." He then elaborated:

As a brief aside, I mentioned Ivy above; I had a quick meal there last Saturday night, and I absolutely recommend you check it out. Tuna tartare, blistered Shishito peppers, lamb meatballs and crabmeat gratin were just a few of the things my wife and I tried, and every one of them was stellar. My only complaint about the place was the prices for wines by the glass were a bit high.

But Robert, tell us how you really feel.

The Ivy love didn't stop there: Price's visit to the new small plates spot went just as swimmingly. He wrote yesterday on

Zemanick's food is fresh, bright and honed. At Ivy, the menu has more than 20 items. But these are truly small plates, like snapper crudo, delicate gougères filled with creamy shrimp salad or a mound of steak tartare topped with a quail egg as bright as a daisy.

You could order enough plates to make a meal. But Zemanick's dishes are not intended as the sole reason for sitting down at Ivy. They are meant to fuel an evening of conversation and laughter and conviviality.

So, if you find yourself in need of a new friend group and some good eats, the consensus seems to be that Ivy is worth checking out.

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Sue Zemanick [Photo: Josh Brasted]


5015 Magazine St New Orleans, LA 70115