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Booze Trends in 2013; Hair of the Dog on New Year's Day

NOLA— NoDef takes an in depth look at the year in New Orleans' booze/cocktail trends, including tiki madness, batched, bottled and kegged cocktails and even the rise of sherry at drink hubs like Lucky Rooster, Bacchanal and Sylvain. [NolaDefender]

CHARLESTON— Speaking of Sylvain, chef Alex Harrell will be in Charleston on January 19th to do a dinner for the city's first underground supper club, Guerrilla Cuisine. If you'll be in the area or know folks who will be, tickets are available right here. [EaterWire]

NOLA— NoDef rides the booze train all the way to the Bloody Mary stop with this listicle of where to get everybody's favorite hair-of-the-dog on New Year's Day, including Dante's Kitchen, The Country Club, Liuzza's, and Molly's At The Market. [NolaDefender]

LGD— But if you prefer a non-alcoholic hangover remedy in a chic hospital setting, booze whisperer Laura McKnight reports that The Remedy Room, "a boutique hydration clinic that offers IV treatment for hangovers" is all the rage with folks who don't like "spending a day curled into the fetal position next to a bottle of Tylenol," since opening in July in the LGD. But hold on there, cowboy, you can't still be drunk to get treatment. []

NOLA— The Saints need to eat Popeye's Chicken on their plane if they want to win on the road, so says the Bleacher Report this week. Robert Meachem says: "Every road trip in '09 we had Popeye's. Coach needs to bring back the Popeyes." And from Pierre Thomas: "We've had Popeyes since '09, but just not this year." [BleacherReport]

Sylvain [Photo: Brasted]