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Ralph Brennan is Spending Millions on Big Pink Revamp

Calling all Lifetime Movie Network writers, The Times-Pic has again laid the groundwork for what will surely be one of the most highly watched movies between the noon-3 p.m. home-with-the-flu slot... The Brennan's Saga, Part II: First Cousin, Second Offense. Here, Todd A. Price gives the synopsis: "How Ralph came to own the building at 417 Royal St. in partnership with White, and how brothers Ted and Pip Brennan came to lose it in a sheriff's sale, is a tale that's been playing out in courtrooms and in the media — both local and national — for the past two years." He's even included the obligatory flashback of young Ralph, who grows up with Brennan's as his playground, and later comes into his own as an accountant-turned-restaurateur with the help of some powerful and caring family members. There's even a helpful Brennan's Family Tree diagram to follow along, so you know which branch is throwing side-eye at another branch. All that's needed now is a little dialogue, a killer costume designer (going to need every sports blazer you can find) and all of the Baldwin brothers on board.

All nonsense aside, Todd Price is reporting that Ralph Brennan and partner Terry White, the new owners of the famed 417 Royal, are spending millions of dollars— ie. more than they expected— to renovate every inch of the sprawling Big Pink, with hopes of restoring some much-needed clout to the Brennan's name and location via a new concept (NO WAY the upcoming restaurant will be called Brennan's because Ted/Pip still own the name). Not much has been revealed about the plans, except that we should expect a "high-end, classic New Orleans restaurant," Ralph Brennan's seventh, to be exact. No chef has been hired yet.

And as for starting on that Lifetime movie dialogue, Ralph Brennan tells Price that, not surprisingly, he was reluctant to get involved in Ted and Pip's affairs: "I knew they had some issues. I did know that after Katrina there were some issues between Pip and Jimmy with Ted, so two against one." If that ain't voice over material, what is? As for those "issues", there are still numerous lawsuits, potential liquidation of assets, and a battle for control of the Brennan's Inc. enterprise currently happening on Pip and Ted's turbulent adventure.

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