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Square Root Aims To Start A Revolution, Opens February

 Square Root
Square Root
Photo: Brasted

Chef Philip Lopez tells The Times-Pic, "we're going to revolutionize New Orleans dining for the next five to ten years," in a video sneak peak of highly anticipated LGD restaurant Square Root this week. What else is revealed? Todd A. Price reports that the opening date has been pushed to February, and this (which you may, kind of, heard about before):
"The main room seats 16. The only option will be a prix-fixe dinner with 14 or more courses. And a single meal will last two or more hours."

Two or more hours for the next five to ten years? That's some hard core dining, people. Make sure to stockpile some gout-be-gone if you plan on joining the revolution.

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Square Root

1800 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA

Square Root

1800 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA 70130