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Free Pizza Hut for Do-Gooders, Soulful Catering, More

NOLA— Megan Braden-Perry reports that nine are Pizza Huts (including Uptown and Mid City) are giving away medium one-topping pizzas in exchange for new/lightly worn coats: "Customers are limited to one free pizza per day, but can donate on multiple days from now until Dec. 19. The coats will be delivered to the New Orleans Mission on Dec. 20." [Gambit]

NOLA— NoDef's M.D. Dupuy reviews some of the season's best Reveillon dinners including Commander's Palace, Criollo, Palace Cafe, and more. [NolaDefender]

NOLA— Speaking of Reveillon dinners, City Eats listicle maker Laura Higley offers her take on the Five Most Magnificent Reviellon Dinners in town this week: NOLA, Galatoire's, Commander's Palace, Martinique Bistro, and the Upperline. [CityEats]

MARIGNY— We've Got Soul is sadly no longer popping up at Kajun's Pub, and chef Tres Barnard will be heading to D.C. in January to work while inevitably awaiting the return of Marie's kitchen, but until then, We've Got Soul has a killer holiday catering is available for all your downhome needs. Check out the menu right here, and order with [Twitter]

Tres Barnard [Photo: Brasted]