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Irish Channel's Wild Housing Scene; Curbed Comparisons

Welcome back to Curbed Cuts where Curbed NOLA editor Sarah Chase shares the best real estate and neighborhood news of the week.
photo via MTO/fb

SEVENTH WARD — The gigantic mural that started going up on a home last week is complete. This way for location, artist information, and more pics.

IRISH CHANNEL — This 'hood shed its up-and-coming status years ago and now its real estate scene is blowing up before our very eyes. From this Laurel Street house asking $499,000 to a Seventh Street rental going for $2,050 per month, we're slapping Out of Control status on this neighborhood.

CITY-WIDE — In another round of Curbed Comparisons we explore what one can rent for a certain dollar amount in various New Orleans neighborhoods. This week's price: $1,400.

ST. ROCH — The founders of the St. Roch Community Partners (which includes the owners of Faubourg Wines, St. James Cheese Co., Cleaver & Co., and Bellegarde Breads) are interested in running the show at the historic St. Roch Market and shared their plans with the public this week. Read all about it here.