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Where To Eat at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY)

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The holiday season at MSY
The holiday season at MSY
Photo: MSYAirport/Facebook


Louis Armstrong International Airport sucks when it comes to finding food. Okay, so it sucks a little less hard than this time last year, but still, try to find a decent cup of coffee is an arduous, if not impossible, task. For years, the concessions there have been the playthings of thieves and cronies, and visitors hardly even get an indication they're actually in New Orleans. But hey, it is a little better due to the recent additions— including Dooky Chase and Ye Olde College Inn— all part of a $1.2 billion dollar infrastructure overhaul.

To mark the holiday travel season, sites across the Eater universe are updating our Airport Dining Guides. But here's the thing: we have never fully endorsed eating at MSY because it's always been rather sucky. What you really should do is change your plans, get your ass into Orleans Parish, find a hotel room, catch some live music and eat at any of our fantastic restaurants. Of course, not everyone can do that, so if you can't, here are some best bets at MSY, plus a handful of selections nearby. (MSY is small enough that the security lines are pretty short; getting in and out is not much of a problem.)

Had an absolutely great or horrible meal at an MSY eatery lately? Leave us a comment or send us an email down the tipline. As always, tips are greatly appreciated.

Best Bets Inside Louis Armstrong International

dook5%3A22.jpg1) Dooky Chase: : There was a lot of hoopla surrounding this airport addition,and for good reason. Dooky Chase not only brings a reputable name to MSY, but is an actual step above the other dining offerings in the airport. With a menu that ranges from classic New Orleans favorites like gumbo to breakfast omelets, and decent fried chicken, this is definitely worth a shot. [Just outside Concourse C] [Photo: Josh Brasted]

po12%3A11.jpg2) Praline Connection: The counter location kind of stinks, but the restaurant location of Praline Connection in the food court of Councourse B is a hidden gem. A local food writer recently raved about the airport location of Praline Connection as actually having legit soul food, including chicken livers and collard greens. Avoid the line at neighboring Subway and get yourself a taste of New Orleans comfort food. [Concourse B] [Photo: Praline Connection]

lp5%3A23.JPG3) L.P. Bistro/PJ's Coffee: This cafe features wraps, pastries, salads, and healthier fare including to-go cereals and actual fruit. A competent staff makes pretty decent iced coffee, which is better for quelling the near heat stroke you'll get waiting in line to enter the terminal rather than throwing that hissy fit trying to get your shoes back on. There's a decent amount of seating, quasi cute lighting (they're trying!) and trendy Mighty Leaf teas. [Concourse B]
[Photo: ENOLA]

cope12%3A11.png4) Copeland's offerings: Copeland's Gourmet Kitchen in Concourse C is a sure bet for a decent red beans and rice. Over on Concourse D, Copeland's Cheesecake Scoop Cafe (bizarre, indeed) at least has sandwiches and spinach/artichoke dip, if say, you aren't interested in a scoop of cheesecake served in a martini glass. [Concourse C,D]
[Photo: MSY/Facebook]

zat1220.jpeg5.) Zatarain's Kitchen: This was the first new restaurant to open when Delaware North was contracted for their Super Bowl building bonanza. Jambalaya, red beans, gumbo and other New Orleans' classics line the menu, hoping to offer visitors a more authentic sense of place. [Concourse B]
[Photo: SunBeltFoodService]

wow12%3A11.jpg6.) Wow Wingery: Taking over the former Jester's Grille location, Wow Wingery does wings and burgers for lunch, and it's a decent option for breakfast and coffee. But the real draw here is the bar, with beers on tap, including Abita offerings.[Concourse D]
[Photo: MSY/Facebook]

yeold5%3A23.jpg7) Ye Olde College Inn: Like the S. Carrollton location, the walls at the airport are covered in framed photos of local athletes, but most Yelp reviews claim there's much to be desired here. The menu does include shrimp and grits, smoked boudin, and even a fried bread pudding po-boy, however. [Concourse D]
[Photo: Yelp/Jon G.]

2LuckyDogs.jpg8) Lucky Dog: This is drunk food at its finest, something we do pretty well here. The dogs are not great, and they're not exactly cheap, but the cart is an iconic piece of New Orleans life, even if locals rarely a Lucky Dog except on a night of debauchery in the Quarter. [Concourses B, C]
[Photo: yelp / shinobu k.]

yelp12%3A11.jpg9) Also of Note: West Beignet for a sugar-coated fix in West Terminal near the Jet Blue counter. Dunkin Donuts for grab-and-go snacks, between West and East Terminals. Also, Subway in Concourse C for a sandwich on the fly (though lines are known to be out the door).
[Photo: Yelp]

Best Bets Outside Louis Armstrong International Airport

(You'll need at least three hours to get there, eat, and get back.)

pho12%3A11.png1) Pho Orchid Express: If you're in a hurry, and don't mind the torture-treatment that is driving a car down Airline Highway, local Vietnamese restaurant fave Pho Orchid's swift and modern Express option, which opened over summer 2013, is great for the usual— pho, com, banh mi— and the unusual— Orchid Tacos (bao). [1401 Airline Dr, Metairie, Louisiana 70001. 13-15 minutes from airport. (504) 301-3368]
[Photo: Facebook]

6Harbor.jpg2) Harbor Seafood & Oyster Bar: Avoid the crappy version of Acme Oyster House inside the airport. Get on a cab and go to Harbor Seafood and get to this dive-y oyster bar for some raw oysters and blackened alligator. Then you can brag to your friends that you went to New Orleans and had both oysters and gator. [3203 Williams Blvd., 8 minutes from the airport. (504) 443-6454.]
[Photo: yelp / Amy L.]

7CrabbyJacks.jpg3) Crabby Jack's: Owned by Jacques of Jacques-Imo's, a popular Creole restaurant in uptown New Orleans, this Jefferson eatery specializes in the typical casual New Orleans dishes. Many people swear by their po' boys. Crabby Jack's is only open for lunch, though, so call to make sure they're open. [428 Jefferson Hwy, 12 minutes from the airport. (504) 833-2722.]
[Photo: yelp / Scott W.]

8Spudlys.jpg4) Spudly's Super Spuds: There is nothing glamorous nor tasteful about this place, where just about anything you can think of is piled high on a baked potato and covered in cheese. It's comfort food at its finest (and most caloric). [2609 Harvard Ave., 12 minutes from the airport. (504) 455-3250.]
[Photo: Spudly's]

9PhoNOLA.jpg5) Pho NOLA: Don't forget that New Orleans has a large Vietnamese population and a healthy number of pho restaurants. Pho NOLA is arguably the best of the handful that are near the airport. For best results go with the banh mi. [3320 Transcontinental Drive, 14 minutes from the airport. (504) 455-3250.]
[Photo: Facebook]

10TaqueriaCorona.jpg6) Taqueria Corona: No, New Orleans isn't a town known for its authentic Mexican food. That's for good reason?we don't really have much good Mexican. But Taqueria Corona, basically just down the street from the airport, is one of the best in the area. Again, like everywhere on this list, it's nothing fancy. But it's good. [1927 Hickory Ave., 6 minutes from the airport. (504) 738-6722.]
[Photo: yelp / David M.]

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