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St. Roch Market Plans; Walkable Neighborhoods; More!

Welcome back to Curbed Cuts where Curbed NOLA editor Sarah Chase shares the best real estate and neighborhood news of the week.

ST. ROCH — The St. Roch Community Partners, Inc. (a group of cats from St. James Cheese Co., Cleaver & Co., Bellegarde Bread, and Redmellon Restorations and Developments) want to make the just-renovated, historic St. Roch Market into an affordable market "for the people of New Orleans." Check out the details here.

CITY-WIDE — New Orleans didn't make Walk Score's list of most walkable cities but have a look at the highest-ranking neighborhoods. Spoiler alert: the Quarter is in first place.

UPTOWN — Dreaming of a "French 18th century style" St. Charles Avenue mansion built in the 1970s? You're in luck! This baby just listed for $3,950,000 and brokerbabble says it's "one of the South's finest."

LAKESHORE — A swoon-worthy, sleek mid-century modern home just sold for $915,000 but have no fear, there are a couple more of these rare birds on the market.