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Redevelopment, Restaurant Plans For Nashville & Mag

Google Maps/Studio WTA Architects

Robert Morris reports that three shops at Nashville and Magazine, including Vom Fass and Rare Cuts, are slated for redevelopment. The developers, Butler Callahan Holdings, purchased the property at the end of the 5700 block of Magazine this summer, and have big plans to join the buildings together into one "contiguous space" with more room for retail. The new owners also "envision a strong restaurant with outdoor seating as an anchor for the project," the look of which they liken to La Petite Grocery.

As for Rare Cuts, Vom Fass, and Parcels and Post, sounds like they're going to have to move pretty soon for the construction to begin, and whether or not they'll return is anybody's guess, as specific tenants haven't been revealed at this time. Morris reports that "the renovation does not appear to need any special permission from the City Council that would necessitate a good-neighbor agreement," which seems kind of shocking considering the whole restaurant part. Apparently, the developers are interested in neighborhood feedback, and have been meeting with the Audubon Riverside Neighborhood Association.

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