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Atomic Burger Opens, A New Breastaurant, More

METAIRIE— The craft burger drive-thru, Atomic Burger, is now open at at 3934 Veterans Blvd. Brothers Joe and Nick Spitale's menu will feature daily house ground beef, locally baked bread, fresh vegetables and hand-cut French-fries from whole potatoes, and molecular milkshakes made by flash freezing ice cream with liquid nitrogen. Check out the menu right here. Open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. [Eaterwire]

ATLANTA— Over on Eater Atlanta today, Article 14 mixologist Arianne Fielder cites The Erin Rose as her favorite out-of-town haunt in America: "It's a fun little Irish bar right off Bourbon Street, and my regular spot during Tales of the Cocktail." [-EATL-]

NOLA— Todd A. Price reports that Scott Boswell is teaming up with OPP and Delgado's Culinary Arts and Hospitality department to offer "a program to train inmates in a range of advanced culinary skills." Not much info about the program is given, other than "the hope is that inmates who have passed through the program will find higher-skilled jobs after release or even continue their studies in Delgado's culinary program." The comments, however, are delightful. []

METAIRIE— This week Scott Gold has the pleasure of reporting on Clearview Mall's new 'breastaurant enhancement' with the addition of new eatery Twin Peaks, which despite the name does NOT serve Fire Walk With Me hot wings and choice of creepy BOB dipping sauce, but instead is home to "comfort food favorites" and draft beer in a "hunting lodge themed" environment that includes the glow of 66 high definition TVs and a staff of young women in "signature decolletage- and midriff-bearing red flannel." [Gambit]

Atomic Burger, now open [Photo: Facebook]