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Food Blogging Duo He Said/She Said Says One Last Thing

After a relatively quiet stretch on their site, the food blogging Janus behind He Said/She Said is calling it quits. For now, anyway.

He Said,/She Said (Steve and Sheree) signed off this morning with promises to keep the domain name for a while and stay in touch about any "other writing" that could happen in the future. As for this present moment in blogging history, New Orleans epicureans will have to seek out their dueling opinions about restaurants and cooking trends elsewhere:

We started this project as a means of documenting what we were cooking and where we were eating, and it grew and changed over the years, probably sometimes in ways some of you didn't prefer. We'll admit that there was never a master plan. But we'll also tell you that this has been a labor of love in every sense of the term. Our writing may not have always been as good as you would have wished it to be, but we took the process of putting pen to paper (metaphorically) with dead seriousness, and we are proud today to look back on what we produced and note that very rarely did we just mail one in. Most of the time we did our best.

Thus, the local food blogging hivemind loses two very important brain cells.

· He Said/She Said NOLA [Official Site]