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Brett Anderson Muses on Gender Equality

EVERYWHERE—Prompted by a New York Times opinion piece about the glaring gender imbalance in media attention paid to professional chefs, Brett Anderson wondered whether New Orleans might be an exception to the national rule. Does our fair city pay its female chefs their due? Anderson asks his question sincerely, though he does point out that the list of prominent women thriving in the New Orleans restaurant industry is long: "But when I stopped to think last week of prominent, influential people in the New Orleans restaurant industry who happened to be female, and who also have received a fair amount of media attention, it wasn't hard. Leah Chase, Ella Brennan, Susan Spicer, JoAnn Clevenger, Allison Vines-Rushing—and those are just the names that sprang to mind while watching Sue Zemanick on a Chase Sapphire television commercial at the gym." []

METAIRIE—And in news of things significantly less gender-progressive, the "breastaurant" Twin Peaks has opened in Metairie. This "sports bar held prisoner in a hunting lodge" chain features waitresses in midriff-bearing flannel shirts (because that's apparently what one wears in a hunting lodge), and the sort of mediocre comfort food one can find at almost any other chain across the country. Fans of homogeneity will surely be delighted. [Gambit]

FRENCH QUARTER—Beer lovers, take out your calendars. On Dec. 3, Remoulade Restaurant and the Arnaudville-based Bayou Teche Brewing will host the B(roux) Tasting, a five-course meal of Cajun- and Creole-inspired dishes all paired with craft beers and some fine music from Louis Michot of the Lost Bayou Ramblers. The event starts at 6:30 pm at Remoulade, and tickets are $30. []

Kristen Essig. [Photo: Josh Brasted]