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Behold Lakeside Shopping Center's New Food Court

[Photos: Facebook]

Just in time for holiday shopping insanity, Lakeside Shopping Center has just unveiled their new food court upgrades. The revamp began in Spring 2013, with upgrades to vendor spaces, instillation of a new skylight art piece, and lighted columns and upholstered section dividers. The mall is still waiting on a few more tables and chairs set to arrive this week, which means you'll be able to enjoy your giant pretzel and chicken fingers on a seat that isn't exploding out its innards from years of FUBU abrasion, all by the time Santa's crazy train rolls into town. What else to expect, you ask? From the Press Release:

The updated space elevates the dining experience by featuring a selection of soft seating, including booths, high tops and banquets, along with new floors and a fresh color scheme. The restrooms also received a substantial facelift. The expanded space features tile mosaics, modern faucets and ecologically friendly, state-of-the-art driers. A family bathroom has also been installed, offering a private, comfortable lounge with changing areas for shoppers' convenience. · Lakeside Shopping Mall [Official Website]
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