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Oak Plans to Open Ale, a Man-Centric Man Cave For Men

Robert Morris reports that the owners of Oak Wine Bar are planning to open a manly gastropub Ale next door in a former medical supply store. Co-owner Katie Winters tells the Uptown Messenger, "Whereas Oak is kind of feminine, light and airy, Ale will be kind of masculine, with more beers on tap." It's all fun and man caves, but blink your eye and things have gone from broheim to borderline (or blatantly?) sexist: "Ale's drink menu will focus on beer, bourbon, scotch and other drinks that traditionally appeal to a male audience." And this: "The only complaint we've gotten about Oak is that it caters too much to women. This will cater more to men."

While the previous statements are truly baffling, as for the menu, expect upscale pub fare and dishes that are "a little heavier than Oak's." There will not be live music, because MAN HATE LOUD HORN. As for renovations the driveway between the buildings will be converted into a courtyard, where architect Corbett Scott says, "everyone can meet in the middle" to, like, assume their assigned gender roles before mingling.

While the CPC has already approved the project, it still needs final approval by City Council, which means they still have time to change the name to mAle.

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