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The Great Taco Takeover

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Tacos are trending pretty hard in New Orleans right now, at least if city's growing collection of taco trucks and pop-ups is any indication.

Writing for The Advocate, Ian McNulty takes us on a surveying expedition of the current taco landscape, which includes the Cam Boudreaux and April Bellow's Dis Taco pop-up in Molly's at the Market, as well as the considerably more itinerant Taceaux Loceaux, the taco truck that Maribeth and Alex Del Castillo started back in 2010. Although New Orleans may not yet have the sort of taco culture of a city like Los Angeles, the convenient (i.e. portable) taco is quickly becoming the staple of late-night eaters across the the city.

The taco trend is also, according Rubens Leite of Rubens Taco Truck, pretty egalitarian, catering both to budget-conscious eaters and people who can afford to eat at the city's fanciest restaurants. Explaining the mesmerizing qualities of the taco, Leite told McNulty,

I pull up to these houses and they're huge, these expensive cars parked everywhere. These people could have anything, so I'm always wondering why tacos. But they just love them. I guess everyone loves tacos.

It's only a matter of time now until some diligent scribe pens a thoughtful essay about how tacos are the antidote to class consciousness in America.

· From Pop-Ups to Pubs, Tacos Are the Talk of New Orleans [The Advocate]

Taceaux Loceaux. [Photo: Facebook]

Dis Taco

1107 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116

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