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Haley Samas-Berry Makes a Gilda Radler

It's Cocktail Week here at Eater, and we've got the hook up on what cocktails you should absolutely be drinking right now and even through the impending holiday season. Here, photographer Josh Brasted captures some of New Orleans' best bartenders making libations that demand you Drink This.

Tivoli & Lee's Haley Samas-Berry is one of New Orleans' brightest up and coming bartenders. Here, she makes her own specialty , a Gilda Radler, for Cocktail Week. She explains the inspiration for the drink as so: "I spent a month and a half in Germany this summer and was shown the wonderful world of Radlers? a drink in which local beer is topped with fresh juice or soda. I was inspired by the combination of beer and fruit and re-worked this libation into a cocktail of my own." Try this specialty Hefeweizen cocktail now, only available at Tivoli & Lee.

· All Cocktail Week 2013 [-ENOLA-]

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