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Anderson on His Top 10, Hot Breakfast Openings, More

NOLA· Brett Anderson weighs in on his Fall Dining Guide selections today. Of his Top 10 Restaurants for 2013, Anderson reports that readers have most frequently mentioned Restaurant R'evolution as being slighted by its exclusion from the list. Patois, Upperline, Lilette, and Brigtsens apparently also have their share of dissapointed fans. []

WAREHOUSE DISTRICT? Well look at that, Scott Gold has up a '3-course interview' with Tivoli & Lee's Kimberly Patton Bragg this week. [Gambit]

CENTRAL CITY? Todd A. Price visits Velvet Central Kitchen this week, the expansion of Uptown's tiny third wave coffee fave Velvet: "Skillet eggs comes over grits or potatoes with ham, bacon, turkey or avocado on top. French toast comes rolled in Frosted Flakes. Although the best option might be freshly baked toast with a little jar of jam on the side." []

NOLA? Ian McNulty has lots to report on the recent openings of Pagoda Cafe in the Seventh Ward, a tiny place with outdoor seating, and District Donuts. Sliders. Brew, the new hottie sparking the donut craze on Magazine. Both restaurants look to be major players in the breakfast game. [Advocate]

QUARTER? Todd A. Price also has more on the latest Brennan's saga, with creditors petitioning for the restaurant to be forced into Chapter 7 bankrupty, as they seek around $60k in claims. []

Kimberly Patton Bragg [Photo: Josh Brasted]