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The Hangout, Dining Near Voodoo Fest, And More

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GULF SHORES? Todd A. Price reports that 70 cooks from the Gulf Coast region will head to The Hangout in Alabama, for their annual Oyster Cook-Off on Saturday, Nov. 9. The chefs, including cheftestapants/last night's elimination challenge winner Justin Devillier will be on hand, will compete in different categories for lots of cash money. []

CITY PARK? Voodoo Fest is just a couple weeks away, and if you're wondering where to eat in the Mid City hood, Go NOLA's guide has you covered. Their top picks include hidden gem Norma's Bakery for ceviche, and Terranova's, where "early risers on Saturdays (only) can snag their overstuffed Muffaletta." [GoNOLA]

IRISH CHANNEL? Byblos has released a statement about the gunpoint robbery that occurred on Tuesday, which also happened to be Night Out Against Crime. The restaurant is open for business and hoping "to show criminals that they do not own our city's streets." Meanwhile Robert Morris reports that the armed robbery is one of many recent holdups in the Irish Channel and Garden District area. [Facebook, UptownMess]

Justin Devillier [Photo: Top Chef]