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City Attorney Targets Go Cups at Santa Fe Tapas

Alex Woodward reports that go-cups became the target of City Attorney Dan McNamara at yesterday's ABC board agenda concerning Santa Fe Tapas' nuisance charges/battle to keep their booze license at the St. Charles location. Previously the debate had centered around amping up security, as Sante Fe has apparently had a problem with "loiterers" disturbing the peace, and annoying nearby establishments like The Irish House, since neighboring nuisance Daiquiri Place Cafe lost their liquor license and shuttered last year.

This time around McNamara suggested a straight up go cup ban, stating, "My position is that loitering is allowed because they're allowing people to get a go-cup," thus helping to turn the block into "some kind of open-air event" with crowds reaching into the hundreds, and in the past has even included dangerous stunt driving on motorcycles. But McNamara goes on to state that the city's alleged War on Go Cups "couldn't be further from the truth."

Woodward reports that "the board agreed that the city attorney's office didn't send its evidence to Santa Fe early enough" for the the go-cup ban to be valid, so both sides have agreed for Santa Fe to operate with:
· security whenever the restaurant is open
· a litter abatement program, which includes picking up trash around the restaurant and on St. Charles
· "professionally printed" go cups only

Santa Fe's new operating agreement is set to appear on the January docket for the Alcohol Beverage Control Board to review its progress.

UPDATE 10/16, 1 p.m.: Robert Morris also now reports that chef Matt Murphy of Irish House was in attendance, and "chastised the board for being distracted by what he deemed the 'frivolous' go-cup discussion while serious public-safety issues are ongoing." Here's his take on the new operation agreement, which is a bit more in depth:

Go-cups would be allowed, but they must be printed with a Santa Fe logo so that neighbors and police can tell if they are really no longer reaching the street. Santa Fe must also institute an anti-litter program from the hotel next door down to the Office Depot in the next block and on Thalia Street behind the restaurant. A mix of private and police security will be required as the crowds demand it, and progress on the matter will be reassessed in January.

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Santa Fe Tapas

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