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Abigail Gullo Communes with the Sazerac Gods

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Just in time for Eater's upcoming Cocktail Week 2013, Food & Wine has posted a lovely little Sazerac-making gif tutorial on its Tumblr page.

The tutor is none other than SoBou's resident mixologist Abigail Gullo, whose Taylor Bird Sazerac is a modern craft cocktail riff on the classic New Orleans recipe (it includes, Cognac, rye, and even some Steen's can syrup). Gullo explain that she has even more Sazerac variations in her bartending repertoire, and, though she tries not to judge the amateur mixologist on his or her choice of spirits, woe to the Sazerac rookie who uses bourbon:

"I've heard of people doing bourbon Sazeracs and I'm not going to judge them. But let's just say they may get some questions from their maker. The Sazerac gods do not approve of bourbon."

One imagines the Sazerac gods would be too drunk by now to notice the presence of bourbon in their cocktail glasses, but Gullo probably knows better than your average booze worshipper.

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Abigail Gullo. [Photo: Facebook]

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