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London Bar NOLA to Receive Award for Its Sazerac Skills

On October 17th, Ann Tuennerman, founder of Tales of the Cocktail, will travel all the way to East London to award the New Orleans-in-exile bar NOLA the "Seal of the Sazerac" for all its valiant efforts at approximating New Orleans drink recipes on the other side of the Atlantic. According to the official TOTC site, London's NOLA will become the first bar outside of North America to receive the award.

NOLA is a recent addition to London's Shoreditch neighborhood. It opened in May 2013, boasting a menu that looks like a greatest hits list of famous New Orleans cocktails?there's a Grasshopper, a Ramos gin fizz, and, obviously, a Sazerac (plus, Dan Aykroyd helped christen the place). Owner Dan Priseman wants to eventually add a menu inspired by Creole cuisine (which could be a dubious undertaking, but points to Dan for commitment), but his unbridled adoration for New Orleans seems to suggest that NOLA isn't just some Disneyesque simulacrum of its namesake's culture.

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NOLA in East London. [Photo: Facebook]