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Where Do You Find The Best Bar Service in New Orleans?

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An Eater tipster recently hit is up with this very important question: "Have you ever done a piece on the best bar service in New Orleans? I mean real, intelligent service." Well, not really. So, dearest readers, this week's Open Thread: Where do you find the best bar service in New Orleans?

Are you like our tipster, who believes, "BethAnn Chichetto at Pal's Lounge is probably the Doug Quinn of New Orleans. Have you seen the way she serves a pack of cigarettes? There are better drink makers in this city, but I've yet to find a better bartender." Or are you like yet another tipster who recently sent an email gushing about "12 Mile Limit!" Whether it's the diviest of dives or a ritzy hotel lounge, Eater wants to know where you find the best bar service and why it's the best.

Send us an email or leave a comment of the bar, the bartender's name and the reason they rock, and we'll unveil the Guide to New Orleans' Best Bar Service next Friday.

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