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Submit Your Most Pressing Questions to Cam Boudreaux, Tres Barnard and Rob Bechtold

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Photos: Facebook/Sara Essex Bradley/Michael Liuzza

With all the unconventional dining spots? pop ups, dinner clubs, food trucks, etc.?multiplying across New Orleans, we may very well be in the midst of the post-recession age when more chefs opt for a low(er)-overhead business model rather than a more traditional brick-and-mortar joint. Are pop ups, food trucks, dinner clubs and their ilk replacing the deep-rooted restaurants of yore? Or are emerging chefs implementing new business models to help secure a faithful following before making the death-defying leap to brick-and-mortar investments? Only a panel of seasoned experts could possibly answer such thought-provoking questions, but, lucky for you, we've assembled just such a knowledgeable squad.

In just two weeks, Killer Poboys' Cam Boudreaux, We've Got Soul's Tres Barnard, and NOLA Smokehouse's Rob Bechtold will lend their pop up acumen to you, faithful Eater reader, and answer your most pressing questions about the rise of unconventional dining establishments in New Orleans. Submit your most thoughtful questions in the comments (or just e-mail us) and we'll choose the best to pose to our panel. Anything is fair game!