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The Latest Jason Doyle Drama Involves $1.6 Million

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Looks like shit is hitting the fan for Huey's saga star Jason Doyle: On the very same day the Wyndham Gardens owners Star Hospitality Group petitioned for eviction of Huey's 24/7 from their CBD building, an Ohio court "entered a $1.6 million judgment against Doyle personally as well as three Doyle-affiliated businesses," reports Ben Myers of City Business this week.

Apparently Doyle didn't meet his lease's opening deadline for a Huey's, Wine Loft, and La Crepe Nanou at a "mixed-used development" in Cincinnati last year, not just that, but the developers of the project, Riverbanks Renaissance Phase 1-A Owner LLC, claim that "Doyle's entities failed to commence renovations despite accepting $208,160 for leasehold improvements." Just a note: Doyle doesn't own the popular Uptown location of La Crepe Nanou, but he holds its Intellectual Property Rights, alongside several other franchised restaurants belonging to Doyle International like Huey's 24/7 Diner and The Wine Loft. Unfortunately, the whole intellectual part seems obsolete here. Doyle has opened and closed five Huey's since 2012, and Star Hospitality Management claims Doyle's company HSD 201 Baronne LLC, in charge of opening the Wyndham Garden's Huey's is not even legal.

So now what? Evictions, law suits, and Myers is also reporting that the Doyle Group cannot be reached for comment, and Doyle's lawyer is "travelling abroad." Oh, yes, of course. Doyle apparently has also brought the shadiness to two other states. The Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal reported of a the same three restaurants backing out of their projected openings for reasons unknown back in 2011. And Doyle also pulled three upcoming restaurants from a Phoenix location in 2011. That's all from train wreck central for now, y'all.

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