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Here's Bourdain, Donald Link, and Stephen Stryjewski Eating Taceaux Loceaux, And, Yes, That's A Snake

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 Bourdain, Snake, and Stryjewski get Loceaux
Bourdain, Snake, and Stryjewski get Loceaux
Photo: Travel Channel

Anthony Bourdain's New Orleans-filmed episode of The Layover? wherein Tony spends just 36 hours emersing himself in frozen daiquiris one city's food culture before departing? airs tonight on The Travel Channel at 8 p.m. food truck super star Taceaux Loceaux (and owner Alex del Castillo) is featured in a segment, shot in front of the Kingpin, as Bourdain, Donald Link, and Stephen Stryjewski show the world how drunkypants dining is done in New Orleans... Naturally a dude with a snake shows up, Bourdain shows off his snake tat and Donald Link drops his beer much to everyone's amusement. Kudos to those who can point out cameos from Bachannal's Chef Joaquin Rodas, Kingpin bartender Tammy, and the REAL Kingpin regulars.

The Times-Pic has another video up, of Anthony Bourdain's frozen daiq attack.

Video: Tony visits one of New Orleans' few food trucks

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